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I Am Patrick Swayze: A Beautiful Love Letter To The ...

Because that’s what he was. He was a cowboy and a ballet dancer at heart. And he could do both of these things perfectly. And according to his wife, family, friends and colleagues who occupy ...
August 20, 2019
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I’m So Grateful That I Found Love Without Dating Apps

I know that this post isn’t film related, but it sort of is. Hear me out. A couple of days ago I’ve stumbled upon a recommended Youtube video about online dating aps. I don’t know ...
February 9, 2019
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3 Biopic Documentaries I’m Excited To Watch This Summer

All right now. I love me some documentaries, and especially biopic documentaries featuring my favorite stars. So, with that in mind i’m most looking forward in seeing 3 especially exciting documentaries, featuring 3 of my ...
July 27, 2018
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Die Mannschaft: A Cinematic Tale of Happier Times For Germany

Well, you’ve probably heard the news. The German football team got knocked out out of the World Cup in Russia, by 2 goals in stoppage time in yesterday’s game against S. Korea. Holders Germany crashed out of ...
June 28, 2018