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I’m So Grateful That I Found Love Without Dating Apps


I know that this post isn’t film related, but it sort of is. Hear me out. A couple of days ago I’ve stumbled upon a recommended Youtube video about online dating aps.

I don’t know how it got in my recommendation list, but there it was. It’s called ‘Thank U, Next’: Are dating apps messing with our heads and i must admit got curious for a moment.

Produced by the BBC, in short 13 minutes and 12 seconds told very personal stories about a group of individuals from Great Britain, struggling to find a way in the vast pool of dating apps. And they people were from different backgrounds. They were white, black, straight, gay but the general consensus about them was that they were all young. The oldest one in that documentary wasn’t even 40 years old. And they all shared their trials and tribulations about this particular type of dating, and although they all shared about the challenges that they faced, there were some positives. Indeed there were some success stories told in that movie as well, I can’t deny that.

However, this particular mini-documentary opened a floodgate of similar documentaries, and as I watched plenty of them, I found myself counting my blessings to be honest. To have a loving, healthy and respectful relationship without the need of Tinder is practically impossible, but I consider myself lucky in that respect.

But let’s get clear. I’m in no way or form downgrading or judging anyone that’s using them. Nor think less of the people who are on dating apps. Heck, I was on Tinder for less than a week, but I quit it, once I realized that it made me feel weird and creepy. I didn’t felt comfortable in the way it’s operated and I just knew that I couldn’t be able to continue with it. It just wasn’t for me.

Luckily about I month and a half after I shut down my Tinder app from my phone, I found Martin. And i found him in the old-fashioned way. We met at an event, we exchanged numbers and after a couple of days we went on our first date. A movie and a drink.

It was and still is considered old fashioned by today’s standards but I’m glad it was that way. I’m glad that it was simple and out of the blue. Up until that moment, never understood the notion that when it should happen it will happen- but it did. It happened. I found my love. But most of all, I’m glad that I’m no longer torturing myself with the dating apps and playing a very dangerous game of navigating my life and my future through them. A game that I didn’t know how to play, and still don’t to be quite frank.

So, thank Heavens i found love without Tinder.



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