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Seventh Time’s A Charm For Glenn?


You’ve probably heard of this lady Glenn Close. Yeah… The veteran actress is currently generating a great amount of an Oscar buzz for her role in The Wife.

The Wife had a private screening recently co-hosted by Martha Stewart in East Hampton, New York, and the screening not only had people saying that she’s extraordinary in this movie, Glenn is finally winning her overdue Oscar next year.

Yes that’s right. The movie is yet to be released in theaters next month, and it’s an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Meg Wolitzer. It stars Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, and Christian Slater, and follows a wife who questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, who is set to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Glenn Close’s real life daughter Annie Starke plays the younger version of Joan Castleman- Glen’s character in the Wife, and currently holds 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But while I’m on the subject of Oscar for Miss Close, can you believe that she’s without one such statue?As of 2018, Close has more Oscar nominations without a win than any other living actor. An actress of her reputation and talent is without an Oscar at the age of 71, and it’s outrageous. I truly hope that The Wife gets her first Oscar, but until then let me remind you of all the time she lost at the Oscar. 6 other times to be precise.

Best Supporting Actress (1982)

Movie: The World According to Garp
Lost to: Jessica Lange (Tootsie)

Best Supporting Actress (1983)

Movie: The Big Chill
Lost to: Linda Hunt (The Year of Living Dangerously)

Best Supporting Actress (1983)

Movie: The Natural
Lost to: Peggy Ashcroft (A Passage to India)

Best Actress (1987)

Movie: Fatal Attraction
Lost to: Cher (Moonstruck)

Best Actress (1988)

Movie: Dangerous Liaisons
Lost to: Jodie Foster (The Accused)

Best Actress (2011)

Movie: Albert Nobbs
Lost to: Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)


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