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Kevin Spacey Scares Me Now


You’ve probably heard the news. Kevin Spacey will face criminal charges next year. He’ been arraigned on a charge of indecent assault and battery at Nantucket District Court on Jan. 7, 2019, and is still under investigation in Los Angeles and in England for other alleged sexual assaults. The two time Academy Award winner has been in big trouble for the past year or so, but yesterday he addressed some of the allegations all by himself.

Yeah, you’ve probably seen the video too. In the 3 minutes long video titled Let Me Be Frank, Spacey denied all allegations of sexual assault and misconduct (in a very bizarre manner). But what makes it a gut wrenching viewing experience… is not what he said in the video. It’s how he said it.

And that’s why he scares me right now. First of all, let me break down the outlet, and then the intent. He chose a single camera video format because you can see him right in front of you as he speaks those worlds. Whether they are fake and impersonal, it’s up to you to decide. But instead of releasing a statement through his agent or posting it on his Twitter feed, Spacey chose a video message in which he’s the sole speaker. I’ve got to hand it to him. He’s got balls.

But the thing that frightens me about all this is the way he chose to send his defense to the public. Yes, he chose one of his most well known characters – Frank Underwood to address his case to the public, but that’s the disturbing part. Why chose that character?

Was the John Doe character form Se7en a bit too much?

Frank Underwood is the worst character that you can think of, for this type of address. In a video in which you should maintain your innocence and defend yourself, emulating Frank Underwood is not a good way to do that. I mean, have you noticed that he’s the most vicious, cunning, ruthless, sociopath and killer?

Frank lied, killed and abused people throughout the 5 seasons of House Of Cars, and was intelligent as he was devoid of all empathy or human emotion. He was the definition of a psychopath and yet Spacey chose him to defend his innocence in the upcoming trial. What?

Look, I’m all for presumption of innocence and to me Kevin Spacey is innocent until proven guilty, but that presumption of innocence is dwindling after this video.

After the Let Me Be Frank video I see Kevin Spacey with different set of eyes. He’s no longer the quirky yet sophisticated acting genius that I used to love. After the video he’s the real life embodiment of Frank Underwood. He scares me, and I feel for his victims even more than I have before. Good luck on your trial Kevin.

And don’t let Frank Underwood be on your side of the defense.


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