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Watching Plus-Size Youtubers Has Helped Me To Maintain My Weight


Let me be clear. I don’t watch creepy plus size videos or mukbangs. I usually watch fashion hauls, make up tutorials or plus size reviews, and it think they’re keeping me motivated to maintain my weight.

Let me be perfectly clear. I’m not a plus size woman. I weigh 127 pounds and I’m 5’9’’. I’m by no means a plus size woman, but weirdly enough I enjoy watching videos that are made by plus size authors.

And the thing is I’ve never judged them or watched them for fetish purposes. Hey, to each their own right? But the thing is, they’ve helped me tremendously with maintaining my weight, and coincidentally attributed to the better understanding of the weight struggles that plenty people around me face on a daily basis. My fiancée is a plus size person, and my sister is on the heavier size too. And both of them have been waging a war with obesity. Both of them have been starting and quitting every diet known to mankind, and they’re both failing for years now.

But the thing is there is a selfish reason why I watch the Youtube videos featuring plus size people. They’ve been weirdly helping me maintain mine. Plenty of them share stories of their daily caloric consumption, and their eating habits. That’s one of the reasons I still watch My 600 pound life. There’s plenty to be learned from both. Overeating is a mental issue, and just by seeing their struggle it has helped me to become a mindful eater. They’ve helped me in combating my unhealthy choices and turning them into healthy ones.

Not in a… If I eat that hamburger I’ll become one of them, or they’re making me feel better about myself… But in a…  Do I really need that hamburger, or can I satisfy my hunger with a healthy veggie omelet…. kind of a way. The choices that every single adult makes every day to better themselves.

I’ve never had a weight issue, but as I watch these people I can empathize with the people that do. My fiancee has always struggled with excess weight and the fact that he works in irregular shifts doesn’t’ help matters much. My sister has the similar problem. But I don’t think my watching these videos is a problem.

In fact I’m quite fascinated how Kandy Foxx (from Candy Foxx Youtube channel) and Jennifer (from LifeByJen) are brave enough to show off their bodies, insecurities and deep intimate secrets in fort of a camera. I couldn’t in a million years. But they are, and it’s a very brave thing to do. Yes, I write about my insecurities, struggles and secrets here on my blog, but I’m not in front of the camera. So kudos for you girls.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for making me more mindful about my choices.


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