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Just some awesome things I learned from Paul Thomas Anderson’s Reddit AMA


You know this dude I presume. One of the most talented and brilliant directors of his generation. Well Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest movie Phantom Thread opens tomorrow and in that honor Anderson did an awesome and very informative AMA on Reddit.

He talked about his current and previous projects, his collaboration with Johnny Greewnod,  Maya Rudolph, his favorite movies of 2017 and his memories of David Foster Wallace among other things. But what were some of the most awesome, brilliant, funny and bad-ass things I found out after his AMA?

What made you switch between anamorphic lenses on your earlier films, and the spherical lenses on the later films?

*Nerd Questions! My Favorite! Well, the first time we shot spherical was on the Master…it seemed like a good fit, evoking the old 50s films like Vertigo and North By Northwest…large format films but in a boxy frame….it was a nice change from the earlier films….I wanna shoot scope again though…maybe next time…

How did you and Jonny Greenwood first meet and decide to collaborate? You’re both geniuses at what you do and this ongoing collaboration is an absolute treasure. Big fan of your work, keep it up. PS. Favorite Radiohead album?

*Favorite Radiohead album………..ugh…i Hate this game. today….In Rainbows….tomorrow….something else…KID A perhaps?

Hey Paul, big fan! Actor/actress you want to work with, but haven’t yet? Which of your own movies are you the most proud of? Favorite Stanley Kubrick movie?

*Tiffany Haddish

The Master 3.DrStrangeloveLolitaFullMetalJackTheShining – all one word

What’s your favorite memory of David Foster Wallace?

* He turned me onto Don DeLillo. And he looked at us like we were all failing him….sweetly.

How often does Maya make you fall over laughing?

* every day

Favorite David Lynch movie?

* Blue Velvet Wild At Heart

Hey PTA. When I think of dialog, it sounds good in my head. But when I put it on paper it becomes garbage. How would you solve this problem?

*hmmmmmm. good question. what’s it sound like when you say it out loud? it doesn’t need to look good on the paper if it’s a script….a novel maybe, but a script is just a temporary thing….good for the actors, not for reading….

Werner Herzog says you can’t be a great filmmaker if you don’t read, read, read. Any books currently sitting on your nightstand?

* The stack next to my bed is embarrassingly High. the one on my desk right now is “3 Ingredient Cocktails” by Robert Simonson. Great Read!

Have you ever had a milkshake with Daniel Day-Lewis? If so, did he try to drink yours?

* He’d drink mine for sure.

What are some 2017 movies that stood out to you?

* Call Me By Your Name. City Of Ghosts. Wonder Woman. The Post. Lost City of Z. Star Wars. Baby Driver. I’m missing some and haven’t seen a lot….I”m still catching up….

Hi, have you ever been to Ireland, did Daniel invite you when you were working on Phantom Thread?

* Great question! We wrote a lot of it in Ireland as a matter of fact! Just the two of us sitting at the Kitchen Table. Long walks and naps and lots of daydreaming. A great memory to have with me when I think of making this film.

Hi Paul! Do you have a go-to “comfort” movie?

* The Birdcage! or anything by Steven Spielberg

If you could raise one actor from the dead to work with, who would it be?

* Oh ! Oh ! Humphrey. Cary Grant. Ida Lupino. Joan Fontaine. Charles Laughton. Myrna Loy. Carole Lombard. James Mason!!!!!!! We don’t have enough time to play this game. Jason Robards!

What is your favorite DDL performance? (other than TWBB and Phantom Thread)

* Bill The Butcher!

Do you ever watch your old movies if they come on TV?

* usually for a split second …and then….switch….

Hello Paul! huge fan. who is your favorite female director?

* Kasi Lemmons! Kathryn Bigelow

What’s your favorite Altman film???

* Nashville!


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