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Home Alone 2: All The Way!


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York that is… And I’m going to write a slightly controversial and rather unpopular opinion now. The second Home Alone movie is sooooo much better than the first.

There! I’ve said it. And it’s here written by me, probably one of the biggest fans of this franchise. And although I’m not that enthusiastic about the announced Home Alone reboot by Disney, this rather shocking and disappointing piece of information gave me an inspiration to write something about it.

A post about the glory and the majesty that is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Yes yes I’m fully aware that the biggest complaints about this movie is that it’s an exact copy of the original 1990 movie. Except that it’s not. It’s a much interesting, diverse and fun movie experience even with the totally unnecessary Donald Trump cameo.

Yes, the cast is pretty much the same. Yes the plot is pretty much the same. Copy-paste the same. Yes, Kevin is forgotten yet again by his family, yes it’s set during Christmas (again) and of course the entrapments for Marv and Harry are pretty much the same as the previous movie. Oh even the fake Noir movie from the 1990 Home Alone is present. But there’s something about Home Alone 2: Lost in New York that works. There’s something that makes it so much engaging and fun. And soooo much better than Home Alone 1.

Oh, I know. It’s the fact that it’s not set solely in one suburban Chicago house. It’s in New York baby! All around New York i might add. And thanks to Kevin’s parents wallet it’s set in the Plaza Hotel one of my favorite NY landmarks ever. You get to see all of the other beautiful historic landmarks of the Big Apple, and the final showdown is set in a gritty semi-demolished house. It’s awesome!. It’s hardy, heartwarming and filled with joy, laughter and fantastic outdoor/indoor locations.

Macaulay Culkin still can’t act to save his life, but at least here in the sequel, we get to see a very stiffy Tim Curry. Very British-y stiff-y Tim Curry in the role of the concierge at the Plaza Hotel. Joe Pesci is still a bad ass, even after his hair is set on fire, and I just love a Christmas movie that’s set in NY.

So there. I hope I’m not alone in this sentiment. I hope there are more of you who agree with me on this. Did you loved Home Alone 2: Lost in New York more than Home Alone? Tell me in the comments.


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