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Snowpiercer: A Look Back At The Masterpiece

Snowpiercer! You’ve heard of it I presume. Yeah, the brilliant 2013 movie (directed by the freshly minted Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho) is finally getting a TV treatment. That’s right! The Snowpiercer TV series reboot, is ...
April 3, 2020
Film Review

Alita Battle Angel Review

Alita Battle Angel has been a passion project of James Cameron for decades now, and at one point he even was adamant to direct the manga adaptation. But, in the 2019 film version of the ...
February 24, 2019
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Oh yes! The voice in Spider-Man’s new suit is a ...

Spider-Man Homecoming premiered this week and apparently the new Marvel reboot of the good old comic book character is another smash hit for MCU. But among the actresses that appeared in front of the camera ...
July 8, 2017