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Oh yes! The voice in Spider-Man’s new suit is a familiar one


Spider-Man Homecoming premiered this week and apparently the new Marvel reboot of the good old comic book character is another smash hit for MCU.

But among the actresses that appeared in front of the camera (in Spider-Man Homecoming), there is one actress that can only be heard and not seen.

I’m talking about the talented and beautiful Jennifer Connelly. The 46 year old actress provides the voice of Karen- the AI voice in Peter’s upgraded Spider-Man suit. At the beginning of the movie Peter calls her „Suit lady“ but later on in the movie names her Karen and she becomes a constant companion/help to him.

Image via Marvel Studios

But, did you know that not only she’s an Academy Award winning actress (won best supporting role Oscar for her portrayal of Alicia Nash in 2001’s A Beautiful Mind) she was already in a Marvel movie?

Yes, Jennifer portrayed Betty Ross in Hulk, the 2003 superhero film directed by Ang Lee, and since 2003 she has been married to Paul Bettany. The British actor famously borrows his voice for the role of Jarvis (Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent computer), and since Avengers-Age of Ultron has portrayed the role of Vision. How cool?


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