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Bad Education: AKA Hugh Jackman’s Finest Performance

Well, I saw Bad Education last night. And although the trailer led me to believe that it’s more comedy than drama, it’s, in fact, the exact opposite. Sure it has some comedic lines and scenes ...
April 27, 2020
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My long and complicated relationship with Bonnie Plunkett

When I mean long… I actually mean 5 seasons long. And when I mean relationship I mean weekly anticipation and subsequent watching of every single episode of Mom. Right. First things first. The long awaited ...
October 24, 2017
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Oh yeah… CBS’s Mom helped me stay sober

OK… Sooo….TV and movie actress Anna Faris recently announced that she’s ending her 8 years long marriage to fellow actor Chris Pratt. Which was a bummer, cause they were my favorite Hollywood couple and if i ...
August 15, 2017