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In Defense Of Robert And Nicholas


You’ve probably heard the news. Robert Pattison and Nicholas Hoult are the two front-runners in grabbing the job of getting the Batman role. Although some reports have stated that he’s already bagged the role, Deadline reports that he and his colleague Nicholas Hoult are actually in negotiations. Who will be the new Bruce Wayne remains to be seen.

But I have bones to pick with everyone who’s disappointed of the two possible choices. Really? Disappointed? I find them equally satisfying and here’s why?

Let’s start with Robert. He’s young, he’s handsome, and most importantly he’s a fine good actor. I don’t think I could ever think of him in that way, but he’s long past his Twillight heartthrob days. Seriously. The Last Twilight movie came out in 2012, and since then he’s had nothing but praise and critical acclaim for his talent. Yeah. He became David Croneberg’s muse, collaborated with directors like James Grey, Anton Corbijn, Werner Herzog and Claire Denis and he’s poised to star in the latest Christopher Nolan movie.

So yeah. His status as a fine talented and hardworking actor didn’t came all that suddenly. I’m really baffled by the statements that he’s just another pretty face. He is, but he’s also more than that. He’s actually good.

The same goes for Nicholas. If I had to choose between two (and rank them for hotness) Nicholas would be my pick, but he’s just as talented and versatile as his colleague. I mean have you seen his career portfolio? First of all, he’s been acting since he was about 7.  He’s also younger than Robert, but equally tall, handsome and talented. And he’s British like Robert.

Oh, and in the past 2 years, he played J.D. Salinger, Nikola Tesla and J. R. R. Tolkien on film. Not a lot of actors can say that to be honest. But the thing is, he’s also a good choice for this role. My biggest fear is that DC will somehow ruin the movies (like it did for Affleck’s run in the role) and they’ll have the same faith as him. To become a warning sign for all the future potential suitors that are perusing the once beloved character.

Robert and Nicholas are fine choices for the role of Batman. They don’t have to change a thing. It’s the movie, the frame of mind (Batman never kills) and the producers that need to change. Or we’ll end up with a Joel Schumacher film all over again. Here’s to Matt Reeve’s rational thinking.


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