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Can Bradley Cooper Make A Respectable Actress Out Of Lady Gaga?


The first trailer for A Star is Born was published. Yeah, Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut project is another remake of 1937 movie of the same name and it stars Cooper and Lady Gaga in the lead roles. The release date for A Star Is Born is set for 5th of October, and there a high hopes for this movie. There was some trepidation about casting Lady Gaga in this remake of not one but 2 previous movies, but from what it’s reported by now, she’s actually quite good at this new endeavor. Acting i mean… Which begs the question. Can Cooper make a respectable actress out of Lady Gaga?

Whenever i see a singer (regardless of talent of celebrity status) dipping her/his toes into acting, i usually go into mocking phase. Yeah, sure… Lady Gaga thinks she can act. But then i’m reminded of a quote by Dolly Parton. When many many years ago, she was reprimanded by the director on the movie set and he mocked her poor acting skills by saying – You can’t act…. She just simply replied….

No, but it’s your job to make me look like I can!

In a way she was right. You chose her, you have to deal with her. And buy dealing i mean, making her a better actress than she is, or at least camouflaging her lack of acting talent. Make her look like she’s a god damn Meryl, am right?

And if you take a good look at history there has been serious attempts at that and some serious successes. Courtney Love, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and even Brojk have Golden Globe nominations for acting. Queen Latifah has an Oscar nomination, and Jennifer Hudson and Cher have won their golden statues.

Mariah Carrey, Andre 3000, Lenny Kravitz, Rihanna have had different levels of success in the acting field, and now… Lady Gaga. Sure she was part of Machete Kills and even in American Horror Story, and she was even nominated for a Golden Globe (Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television) for the cult TV series.

But this is different. This is Bradly’s passion project. This is his rookie attempt at directing. This is his movie baby. He’s also credited as co-producer and co-screenwriter and he hand-picked Lady Gaga for this role. There are high stakes in this movie, and i hope Lady Gaga is aware of all of them. I hope she’s aware that this is her first leading film role and she will be filling the shoes of Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand in this role. That’s a big responsibility for such an inexperienced actress like Lady Gaga, but one must not forget that he’s also an inexperienced director.

He’s also new at this. Directing i mean. He still needs to learn the tricks of making one’s good performance into a fucking great one. I can’t wait to find out if he truly can bring out the best of Lady Gaga. I can’t wait to find out if he can make her a respectable actress.

A Star Is Born opens on October 5th.


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