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You’re Missing Out A Lot If You Don’t Watch The Kominsky Method


All right now. The Golden Globe nominations were announced yesterday, and I already wrote about the film portion of the awards. Vice ruled the film part of the Golden Globes, but for the TV portion of this prestigious award, I want to focus on one particular show.

Yes, I’ve previously wrote about Sharp Objects and how amazing the HBO limited series is. Sharp Objects deservedly so, received 3 Golden Globe awards, and the TV mini-series made Amy Adams a triple nominee. She was honored with 3 Golden Globe nominations (2 for Sharp Objects and 1 for Vice)…

But you know which TV series had multiple nominations too?

The Kominsky Method.

Just like Sharp Objects, The Kominsky Method received 3 separate Golden Globe nominations. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin were honored in the acting categories, and the series itself was nominated in the Best comedy series category.

But is The Kominsky Method worth the hype? Yes. Yes it is. For me it’s the male equivalent of Grace and Frankie.

Two acting legends are making us laugh in a well scripted and well directed final product. Created by Chuck Lorre, The Kominsky Method follows “Sandy Kominsky, an actor who years ago had a brief fling with success and is now a revered Hollywood acting coach. Michael Douglas in in the lead role of Sandy Kominsky an Alan Arkin is in the role of Norman Newlander, Sandy’s agent and friend.

Nancy Travis, Lisa Edelstein and Sarah Baker are in the supporting roles, but what makes this series a true underrated gem? Well, for one the presence of Michael and Alan. Their chemistry is great in front of the camera, and just I loved how their characters were written. Their bond, their repartee and their weird sense of humor is just brilliant, and you feel that they’ve been friends for years and years prior this show.

I also loved how their relationship and inner friendship was presented, and boy did the writers delivered on the senior citizen jokes. The supporting characters are colorful and brilliant also, but as much as I love Nancy Travis, I was impressed with Lisa Edelstein’s portrayal of Phoebe and of course the presence of Danny DeVito in the role of Dr. Wexler, Sandy’s urologist.

Oh Phoebe. The spoiled pill addicted daughter of Norman was probably the best part of the series, and the scene in which she was fleeing from the rehab center was just comically brilliant. I laughed my ass of and so will you.

To be perfectly honest, I most enjoyed the scenes between Sandy and Norman, and I didn’t quite liked the scenes between Sandy and his acting students but each episode is about 20 minutes long. Yeah, they’re short and sweet, and you don’t feel that strain of watching unpleasant characters (aka the students) in such short episodes.

I binged on the entire first season in a matter of day, and it was awesome. It touched on heavy issues, like death, debt, addiction and the general confusing of having an aimless existence with humor and grace. Oh and great acting.
So, you’re missing out on a great TV show If you don’t watch The Kominsky Method. Do yourself a favor and start bunging on it.

You’ll thank me later.


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