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Why Is Everyone Surprised By Bill Hader?


Seriously. He’s amazing and I’ve known that ever since watching him in Knocked Up. But the motive for this particular post is not his talent, his easy-going nature or his likability. No, it is the sudden realization by pretty much everyone on this planet that he’s incredibly talented and versatile actor. Tadaaaaaaaaaa! He is. You know the news about him…. And you’ve probably heard about his Oscar nomination buzz. That’s right. I said Academy Award nomination. Well, apparently he’s that amazing in the upcoming IT Chapter 2 that some of the critics are predicting an Oscar nod for him. How cool is that?

The movie is due to be released in early September, but the early screenings for the movie has shown us that he’ll steal the entire show… The movie that is. But I was frankly surprised by everyone’s discovery of Bill’s talents. Helloooo! Really? Have you seen him in anything else besides SNL? Yes, I’m very well aware that he’s a comedic actor that does impressions masterfully but if you’ve followed his career in the past 7-8 years you’ll definitely pick up some pleasant disturbances in his career progression.

And those pleasant disturbances are some of his finest performances in genres that are anything but comedy. Some might say that the transition started with The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (in which he played opposite his IT co-stars James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain), but I would argue that that transition started with The Skeleton Twins. How good was that movie and how good was Bill in it? I mean come on!. Starring opposite his SNL alum, Kristen Wiig, Bill was actually brilliant in the role of Milo- the suicidal gay brother of Wiig’s character. I think that The Skeleton Twins was a turning point for him and a project that made everyone realize that he’s more than a comedic actor. He instantly became a Robin Williams-type of an actor. An actor that everyone associates with comedy, but with a great undiscovered talent for drama that’s lurking underneath that funny exterior. He’s a versatile hard working actor that just happened to get solely comedic roles up to that point. But The Skeleton Twins changed all that, and i loved it. Sometimes taking chances really pays off and he really shined in that particular movie.

And frankly I can’t wait for It Chapter Two to come out. Not only because it will premiere on my wedding day, and right after saying I DO, me and Martin will be headed to the movie theater to watch it, but because I want him to blew my mind with his talent in a horror movie. He’s amazing and just want to see him in a full on horror movie like IT Chapter 2. I just know that he’ll steal the show and I’m looking forward to it. And as for the ones who are surprised by him and his talent…. Don’t be. I saw it coming. Enjoy it, he’s here to stay and amaze us.


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