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Well To Be Fair… Robin Hood Looked Bad From The First Trailer


I remember the exact words that my man said when he first saw the trailer for the 2018 version of Robin Hood.

-We’re never going to watch a decent classic movie done in a decent and classic way, are we?

After reading the recent reviews and remembering that first trailer, yeah… I think I’m going to have to agree with him. We’re not. The reviews were not so kind to the 2018’s version of the classic tale. Rotten Tomatoes critical consensus reads, “Robin Hood robs from rich source material, but is ultimately just another poor attempt to needlessly gussy up a classic tale with amped-up action and modern special effects“, and I think that’s the problem.

Much like its Hollywood predecessor the 2010 Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe in the titular role, very little attention is given to the source material and what the whole character represents, and unfortunately a lot more focus is put on the gloss, shine and of course the action scenes.

And in all fairness, I still haven’t seen the latest Robin Hood, but from what I could fathom (from the trailers and the rest of the promo material), the visuals attempt to hide the dumbed down and very changed plot. This version of Robin Hood stars Taron Edgerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Jamie Dornan, F. Murray Abraham and Eve Hewson in the role of Marian.

So two Academy Award winners and lots of other talented charismatic actors in the cast, and this movie is savaged by the critics? Well, I’m not surprised. Again… Have you seen the trailers prior watching the movie?

Robin Hood looked like a ninja/mutant with superhuman abilities and I’m guessing that he’ll spend the better half of the movie being trained to be the outlaw that we all know that he can be.

I get that it’s another origin story and a modern spin on the medieval tale, but it doesn’t have to be that modern. Just a suggestion. Bring back the man in tights. I mean even some of the costumes look like cheap Comic Con knock offs…  But i digress..…

Look, Hollywood made that same mistake last year with King Arthur-Legend of the Sword. I did watched that movie, and can fairly say that the modern spin that was put in that movie did not helped a bit. In fact it backfired spectacularly (especially with all that slow motion, edgy music and Kung Fu style fighting) and not to mention that the movie didn’t had anything good to cling on. And by good, I mean the script.

But back at the topic at hand. Robin Hood. There are some movies that you just know that are going to be good right from the 2 and a half minute trailer that you watch on Youtube. Mad Max Fury Road, Guardians Of The Galaxy just to name a few. And there are some movies that you just know that are either going to be panned by critics or they’ll become a huge box office bomb. Tom Cruise’s Mummy and Robin Hood all fall in this category.

But hey… Don’t say you weren’t warned about this. You had 2 and a half minute trailer to warn you before you buy that ticket.


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