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Unpopular Opinion: I Hate It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Now, I’m fully aware that Hate is a strong word, but yeah… I hate it. I Hate It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. My man on the other hand (Hi Martin) loves this show, and was hyped for the recent season 13, but after agreeing to watch some of the episodes… I can honestly say I hate it.

And to be fair I watched the episodes that was named as THE BEST by fan pools and media outlets picks so they had to be great right? Wrong.

In essence I don’t get why this show is going strong for 13 Seasons! Yes THIRTEEN! And furthermore why does it has such a cult following among the fans? For starters, the humor is dark and bleak with so many even bleaker undertones.

Which just leaves the jokes to have a huge build up in each episode, and to have nothing but dark and gloomy crescendo to show for at the end. Arrested Development had a similar thing going on, but over there it was much clever and nuanced. The jokes in It’s Always Sunny also have a forced delivery that keeps annoying me every time I watch another episode, but personally for me, the characters are the main problem here.

Have I mentioned how much I despise every single one of the characters? Or „The Gang“ as they like to call themselves? Every single one of the characters is a horrible horrible human being. I’m serious. It’s hard to find a comedy series that has no redeemable or likable characters, but apparently it exists, and I’ve found it (13 seasons in). I’m especially annoyed by the twins Dennis and Deandra, and I find the character of Charlie the most tragic one of them all. I want to give this guy a big hug and say what Robin Williams said to Matt Damon… IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

But seriously… How is this possible to be a horrible human being and to not be in jail or a mental institution by now?
I know that there are videos upon videos of It’s Always Sunny analyses on Youtube, and the same goes for the characters, and for a good reason. Every single one of them is a crippled, damaged, alcoholic individual with sociopathic and borderline homicidal tendencies. If they were to exists in real life, I’d very much like to be kept away from me.

The plot-lines of It’s Always Sunny are overacted and moronic and on that subject… I watched an episode in which The Gang is trying to win a best bar award. It’s an allegory for the show not having won any award after years and years on air, and as far I can see… it’s true. They haven’t been nominated (or won) anything really, cause the show is not good. Yeah sure, the show’s  IMDB page says they’ve won 3 Emmy awards, but for a show that’s been on air for 13 seasons that’s not that impressive. And those Emmy wins were for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series or a Variety Program and not for acting, writing or directing.

So yeah, that explains a lot. Thanks for reading my rant about It’s Always sunny. I’ll stop now, and end this post by saying that even the title of the show is a fucking lie. According to, On average, there are 207 sunny days per year in Philadelphia, so this show can suck it… It’s not ALWAYS sunny in Philadelphia.

Ok.. I’ll stop now. For real… I’ll end it right here.



  1. James 24 August, 2019 at 13:50 Reply

    The characters are suppose to be bad and unlikable, you don’t have to like a character to find it funny. Because if they were good people and everything turned out bad for them that wouldn’t be funny to watch. You would constantly be upset

  2. Jarod 11 November, 2019 at 05:23 Reply

    You completely miss the point of the show and do not understand it. The characters are supposed to be unlikable – the same deal as Seinfeld. As we saw with Seinfeld, you don’t need likable characters to have a hit TV show or movie. Honestly, you needing the characters of a show or movie to be likable or relateable in order for you to enjoy it makes you look extremely simple-minded and ignorant, honestly.
    I can clearly tell that you’re an extremely soft and sheltered woman with delicate, fragile sensibilities – and that’s okay. You are who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But dark humor is clearly not for you. You are not the sort of person that It’s Always Sunny is intended for. You are not it’s demographic.

  3. Jarod 11 November, 2019 at 05:32 Reply

    PS: A person like you criticizing a show like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is like hearing someone who listens only to mainstream pop music talking trash about underground heavy metal. Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion, but nobody is going to take your opinion seriously or view it as relevant.

  4. Nina 11 December, 2019 at 03:10 Reply

    As Chad said, “ding dong your opinion is wrong”-you are dissing the show because you missed the whole point of it; I started watching the show at eleven and even I understood then that the point was that the characters were supposed to be bad people. The humor is dark but that’s what they go for, it’s supposed to be crazy and depressing and make you hate that you love shameless, alcoholic narcissistic characters because they are all of those things.