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Umbrella Academy: Half-Baked Hipster Mess


So, after starting on Doom Patrol (which I liked very much), I decided to give another super-hero TV series a try. And that TV series Is Netflix‘s Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy is not that good, I’m afraid. Its half-baked tiresome hipster mess of a series and it’s tedious to watch.

First let me explain what Umbrella Academy is all about. It’s about a group of gifted men and women who were all adopted by the wealthy eccentric billionaire and likely an alien -Sir Reginald Hargreeves  (played by Colm Fiore).

He trained them to use their powers for good (like stopping crime) and the strict unusual upbringing left a huge mark on their personalities as adults. Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher and Mary J. Blige are part of the cast, but despite having talent in front of the camera, the series lacks heft and cohesion.

But I get the intention behind it actually. The show-runners behind Netflix’s series (Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater) wanted to make a new approach to the good old super-hero narrative and frankly it doesn’t work, for several reasons.

It looks underdeveloped in both the characters and the plot. But even the little things are pissing me off. Like the weird forced romance between Luther and Allison, or the obnoxious characters that dominate half to the screen time. Sure, the series looks fantastic, the acting is decent, and the soundtrack is great. Oh and yes there are some redeeming qualities, but they’re few and sparse. What’s left is a series that tries too hard to be cool, but can’t seem to settle on the tone that it’s trying to have. The Deadpool style jokes doesn’t fit well with the dark tones and the gloom of the series, as much as they try.

Besides, you think that there will be some answers, some clarity to some of the pressing obvious questions by the end of the first season, but really there aren’t. We still don’t know what happened to the rest of the children that were adopted along the 7 featured in the series. Also we don’t know how Number 6 (Ben) died. We see him from time to time, whenever Klaus is communicating with him, but there’s still to be known about him.

But what I did liked was the fact that the emotional daddy issues problem did left an emotional scaring to all of the children, and we see the repercussions as adults.  They were all raised by a domineering, controlling, emotionally distant father that didn’t even gave them a kiss, and that had a strong effect on them. Klaus is for instance a hard drug addict because of it, and the rest of them are falling apart in a different way.

However, there’s too much ingredients for what would have been a very simple recipe. The series is visually pleasing but emotionally draining. I guess, it’s how I would feel if I was dating a hipster.


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