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They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore


This past week I had an incredible opportunity. I attended my first Film festival (since owning Filmsane) and I got to meet 2 incredible people.

The Italian screen legend Claudia Cardinale and the Academy Award winner Roger Deakins. Acually I got to meet Roger much better than Cardinale, but after gathering my thoughts and impressions of those couple of days in Bitola I can honestly say that they don’t make them like this anymore.

They’re too old school and I just loved that, Now in my line of work (working as a journalist for a better part of a decade) I got to meet all kinds of celebrities. I met Patty Smith, Carlos Santana, 50 Cent, Mads Mikkelsen and several other celebrities from different industries. Roger and Claudia are just the last in the line, but I can honestly say that they shattered my perception and impression of a celebrity.

I was honestly suppressed how humble, kind, approachable and polite they are. I honestly expected to find an arrogant, pompous a**holes but I actually met the opposite. Which is I guess how things should be. You hear about the diva behavior of the celebrities, A-list-ers and potential wannabees. You hear about the behavior that it’s so off-putting and disgusting that when you do meet some of them you have this pre-conceived notion that you’ll be disappointed afterwards.

But oh no… Not these two. Roger took his time to listen to my rambling about his work (like he doesn’t hear that enough) and Claudia taught a master-class on how to be a bad-ass and still thriving when you’re 80. She also was polite, kind and cheerful in the retrospective of her career. She answered every question, with humor, grace and sassiness. She talked for hours about her movies, her collaborations with Sergio Leone, Werner Herzog, Franco Zaffirelli, Luchino Visconti and had a nice thing to say about everyone she’s ever worked with.

There were no scandals, not fights, no bickering and resentment. Just nice memories of some great men. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore.


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