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The Wolf Of Wall Street Reviewed Ry History Buffs


The Wolf Of Wall Street. One of the best and most shocking movies made not just by Martin Scorsese… Made by anyone ever. The movie portrays the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) from a mid level broker to a corrupt Wall Street shark. Adapted from the bestselling book of the same, The Wolf Of Wall Street was critical and commercial success, and it propelled the the career of Margot Robbie into the stratosphere.

But how much of the movie is true? Yes, the movie is based on actual events, but how much of the film’s script is fateful to the events in Belfort’s life and career? Well, the awesome Youtube channel called History Buffs is here to find out. History Buffs is show dedicated solely to reviewing historical movies, and revealing the historical accuracy behind the themes, events and real life people.

The show already reviewed movies like Brave Heart, Saving Private Ryan and Dances With Wolfs in great lengths but what about The Wolf Of Wall Street? Well… By All means. Just click bellow and find out for yourself.


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