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The only good thing in Fifty Shades Freed was the wedding dress


Yup… You’ve guessed it. Last Friday was a rough day for me. Tough, depressive and rainy day at work, alone for the remainder of the night (my boy was on a night shift) and I had a lot of time and boredom to kill. I made myself a dinner, I wrote, I watched an episode of Mom and then a whole movie (Phantom Thread) and it still wasn’t even midnight.

I wasn’t sleepy at all, and I figured… what the hell… I watched 50 Shades Freed.  Now… I’ve read some terrible reviews before, but I figured… the previous 2 were just as awful so there wouldn’t be much difference with the third installment?

Oh… boy…

First thing first … Yeah… It’s bad. Freed is one terrible movie that is devoid from any form of chemistry, likability (about the lead actors I mean) plot, or good acting. In fact almost everything in this movie is downright awful. Emphases on almost.

Which leads me to the one thing I actually liked in the movie. Anna’s wedding dress. (Spoilers) She and Christian are married now, and the dress that she wars is pretty beautiful I must admit.

It’s a stunning off-the-shoulder lace Monique Lhuillier wedding dress, and it hugs the curves beautifully. I also loved the classic bun hairstyle on Dakota Johnson’s head and accompanying broche on the side. Now, as a future bride and a woman that should pick up her dress next week, it’s very much different from my own but I loved it never the less.

Mine is tea length retro style and very modest dress with quarter length sleeves, but I love lace too, and i’mm pleased when i see a dress where the lace is used tastefully. So, there you have it… The one thing that is actually good on Fifty Shades Freed.

The god damn wedding dress. Check it out for yourself.


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