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The new Oscar envelopes are hard to miss (or confuse)


If you managed to take a peek at this year’s Oscars, you’ve probably noticed something different. Every single one of the presenters for the prestigious film awards carries a big ass black envelope marked with grey big and bold letters.

Yes, every single of the winners are in that envelope, but the category for which they won is written in enormous letters that are hard to miss. Well it turns out that they were designed specifically that way, so the last year’s mix up is avoided now. They are hard to miss actually, and you can plainly see the category even from your living room couch, as opposed to last year’s red and elegant white/red envelopes with a tiny font.

Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway are set to present the best picture award for a second time in a row, and after last year’s envelope mix up when they were given the wrong winner to announce.


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