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The Hunt And The Unnecessary Spreading Of Fear


You’ve probably heard the news. The premiere and the subsequent release of the Hunt was cancelled due to the recent Twitter shitstorm from Trump and the rest of the conservative media.

The shelving of the Hunt is permanent for now, and whether the movie will get to see the light of the day remains unknown. To which I call BS.

Come on! Is this the world has come to? I remember back in the late 80’s and 90’s when the violence in the American society was attributed to the violence portrayed in the popular video games. Before that was the fear from the social board games like Dungeons and Dragons.

And furthermore, some episodes of The Heathers and Buffy, were delayed or cancelled back in the day, and so were the movie releases of Shooter and Death Wish. Remember those? Probably not, but I don’t blame you. Cause you probably never had the chance to see them.

First of all, the Hunt is a satire movie. Secondly it has a two-time Academy Award winner (Hilary Swank) in the cast, and it’s co-written by Damon Lindelof. Who knows…? Maybe it has some potential to become a classic. We’ll never know, I guess. Secondly, the movie will not make young people more violent, I guarantee it. If anything, it could possibly give an insight and poignant message of the dangers of firearms and the ease in which Americans are acquiring them.

But the conservatives don’t want to hear that now do they? No. They’re firmly grasping to their Second amendment, and every inclination of gun control and gun regulation is dismissed. And they’re all fueled by the idiot that Trump is. He’s not even my President and I can’t bring myself of writing his job title (let’s call it that).

And last but not least. Aren’t the conservatives so gun hold on hunting?  Hunting for sport, fun and hunting in general? Aren’t they so in love with hunting that they were mocked in the second Purge movie? I believe there was hunting of people in the second Purge movie (orchestrated by the rich) and nobody bat an eye about that scene. Nobody banned the movie. Nobody cared.

But a satire (i repeat SATIRE) movie about human hunt is so scary and haunting that needs to be banned. Go figure. Much like with everything else, Trump is spreading nothing but fear (once again). And he’s blaming everything else for the mass shootings that are happening for years now, except the loose gun laws that are hurting the American people.


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