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The Girl in the Spider’s Web: Breaking Down A Fight Scene With Fede Alvarez


You’ve guessed it. The Girl in the Spider’s Web opens today and I for one can’t wait to see it.

I’m a huge fan of the Millennium series, huge fan of Fede Alvarez and of course, our Queen Claire Foy.  Foy filled the shoes left boy the amazing Rooney Mara and Alvarez replaced David Fincher at the director’s chair. But what about the movie itself? Well it took a while to be made (7 years to be exact) but it’s here. Finally.

So… To honor The Girl in the Spider’s Web’s premiere, how about we find out more on the production itself. Alvarez spoke to Vanity Fair, and in a great video detailed a great fight scene that the audience will have a chance to see starting today.

Here’s the breaking down of that fight scene, courtesy of Fede Alvarez and Vanity Fair.


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