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The Future Is Female In Terminator 6?


It would appear so. You’ve probably seen the photo. The first official promotional photo of the upcoming 6th installment for the Terminator franchise has 3 ladies in the picture.

One very familiar lady and 2 other that are about to steal the spotlight. The familiar lady I’m talking about is of course Linda Hamilton. The original Sarah Connor. The original bad ass leader of the Resistance. The original heroine that did so much for the female empowerment from the 80’s onwards. Forget about Emilia Clarke, forget about Lena Headey. Linda is the original OG.

Right across from her, on the left of the photo is Natalia Reyes. Although there is very little info about her character, it’s known that she’ll be playing a character Dani Ramos. Terminator 6 on the other hand will be just the 3rd motion picture in the career or the Colombian actress and first shot totally in English.

And you’ve probably heard about the young lady in the middle. Yeah, I’m talking about the wonderfully talented Mackenzie Davis. Markings on Davis’s body seem to imply she is one of the futuristic androids around which the franchise revolves, and although her character is not given an full official name and surname, the description of Davis’s character on Wikipedia says that she’s Grace, a soldier-assassin.

The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diego Boneta, Gabriel Luna and Terminator 6 is directed by Tim Miller, the director behind the first Deadpool movie. This movie is James Cameron’s return to the Terminator franchise, as he has not been involved (other than being credited as creator of the characters) since Terminator 2 (1991). Terminator 6 will be the sixth movie in the Terminator franchise, but for James Cameron it will be a sequel to Terminator 2 (1991), which will completely ignore the three movies with which Cameron had nothing to do: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), Terminator Salvation (2009) and Terminator Genisys (2015).

I actually applaud the decision to show the 3 actresses first. It shows the diversity in the casting executive’s minds and it also doesn’t shy away from diversity when it comes to the age of the actresses. Yes, I’m very well aware of the fact that Linda as the oldest one of the 3 ladies will probably hold the title of the matriarch, the mother-hen of the group, since she’s been carrying the Sarah Connor character on her shoulders the longest.

I also loved the look that was chosen for Sarah Connor and Grace. A much shorter hairdo that’s both practical and amazing looking for the warrior that they appear to be.

But I hope the other 2 characters become strong beacons of feminist ideals and strength that we know that this franchise can produce. I truly hope the future if female in Terminator 6. I know that a lot of people won’t like it, but hey…

Who gives a shit.



  1. Maverick 13 August, 2018 at 03:17 Reply

    Man, what a shame, I thought that with the return of Cameron the franchise’s situation would improve, but after see this… At least they cannot destroy terminator 1 and 2 already.

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