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The Breaking Bad Movie Is A Bad Idea But It’s About Jesse…Isn’t It?


You’ve probably heard the news. Five years after the breaking bad finale, Vince Gilligan is returning with another Breaking Bad inspired project. A two hour feature length Breaking Bad movie .

The Breaking Bad movie (currently titled Greenbriar) will have ties with Breaking Bad- series, but currently it’s unknown whether it will have its premiere at the cinema or on TV.

The production of the movie is scheduled to begin this month, and will last until February 2019. Oh and according to the brief synopsis in The Albuquerque Journal, the film will “track the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom”.

Which I think is the key thing here.  Just look at the synopsis, and the description of the premise of the film. At this point of the pre-production little is known about the movie, and the details about whether the movie will be a prequel or a sequel are also vague, but let’s walk down a Memory lane for this one.

While i think that this movie is a bad idea, (hey it’s not Sex And The City people!!!) and with high  potential to tarnish the impeccable legacy that Breaking Bad has among the fans…. let’s look at the last episode of Breaking Bad for clues that just might explain the premise of movie… Shall we?

The Breaking Bad finale episode (called Felina) aired on 29th of September 2013 and it was both directed and written by Vince Gilligan. Upon airing, the episode received nearly universal critical acclaim, but it also had a similar synopsis, as the one in the movie what is currently in development.

The escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom…. said the press release…

Yeah, I think that was Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Would you agree? He and Walter White (Brian Cranston) said farewell, and he escaped the hideout in which he was forced to cook meth. He crashed through the gates, screaming and crying with joy, and I cannot help but wonder if the movie will focus on Jesse’s journey after escaping Walt’s clutches.

For his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman, Paul won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014—which makes him the only actor to win the category three times, since its separation into drama and comedy.

According to HR, the Breaking Bad movie would mark Gilligan’s first project to stem from the new three-year overall deal he signed with Sony TV in July. And as for the actor behind the role… Let’s face it. Aaron Paul’s career hasn’t been quite the same since the finale.

He’s been in 13 movies, since 2013 but none of them managed to ignite critically or commercially. The Hulu drama series called The Path (in which he starred), was canceled after 3 seasons, and he’s yet to star in the 3rd season of the acclaimed series, Westworld.

Probably most notable project of Arron Paul is BoJack Horseman. The brilliant animated series is his best TV work since Breaking Bad, and I love his character Todd. But I’m very curious (and at the same time very skeptical) to find out what will the Breaking Bad movie entail on that character. I’m still to this day huge fan of the Breaking Bad series, but i can’t say that i hardly wait for the movie.


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