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The 90’s are like… so in right now


Forget about the 80’s folks. They had their revival and now it’s gone. There is a hot new decade in town, and its here to stay for at least 2019. Yes. I’m talking about the 90’s.

This is my decade (my favorite decade) and I’m happy to see it more represented on film and on TV. Having the Stranger Things kids communicate through walkie-talkie a wear Ghostbusters themed Halloween costumes was great fun, but I wanna see some 90’s scrunchies, tartan mini-skirts and Lycra leggings damn it.

And starting with last year’s comedy Landline, the 90’s are in full swing. The Netflix TV show Everything sucks explores the 90’s culture in a 30 minutes episodes, and the 90’s will be present in both some low budget and big budget blockbusters.

Jonah Hill will be presenting his directorial debut called Mid 90’s and that era will be present in both X-Man – Dark Phoenix and in Captain Marvel’s settings.

According to Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel will draw inspirations from the 90’s action movies, but also from 90’s video games.

It also got us talking about different genres, exploring this notion of sort of the ‘90s action film. We hadn’t necessarily done anything like that before either, so there are definitely homages to our favorite ‘90s action films within Captain Marvel. Said Feige while talking to EW.

But why the 90’s and why now? Well it’s all down to trends and getting behind that trend. Let’s take fashion for an example. The Polish imprint Neige debuted a sub-branch called Neige Sport and it looks like 90’s vomited all over the collection of sportswear. Oh and the Snap clips are making a comeback too, and they are not just worn by kids. They are on celebrities’ heads and on the models heads while strutting down the catwalk.

Like it or not, the 90’s are going to be a hit with filmmakers (at least for while). You’ll see glimpses of the decade in your favorite blockbuster movies, and on TV. I just hope they portray that era as it deserves to be portrayed. With the relaxed and cool attitude.


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