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Thanks For The Advice Mayim!


I’m hooked on Mayim Bialik! More specifically on her YouTube channel. Maybe on both. Hear me out. In the months leading up to the Big Bang Theory’s season finale, it actually got supper hooked on the Mayim Bialik’s official YouTube channel.

It’s a great channel filled with fun and exciting opinions, facts and experiences directly from Mayim Bialik herself, but one particular video of hers really hit close to home, and pulled my heart-strings.

The Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips To Save Money & Sanity video. The video is one year old, but the content speaks to me on so many levels even now, as i write this post. As a bride to be, I have little over 3 months until my wedding day. I can safely say that prepping for the wedding has been going smoothly and stress free… Which is awesome. Which is not something that most brides are able to say. Most of the brides I know, are Bridezillas and driven to insanity because of their meddling mothers, in-laws, or indifferent fiancées.

That’s not the case with me. And thanks to my rational thinking, easy-going and cool fiancée, and of course thanks to the 5 awesome advices by Mayim, I’m in the last round of the wedding planning. With my sanity and nerves intact. How did I do that? Well, some of the tips on Mayim’s list are something that implemented even before i watched her video. Like not sweating the small stuff. I really don’t care about the color themes, about decorations, center pieces and especially about the wedding party. Oh, and I’m not going to have any of that. No bridesmaids to worry about, no groomsmen no nothing. In fact, in the country where I live they’re not mandatory I chose not to have any of them. The same goes for the very expensive presents that go along with them.

I don’t have a wedding planner and florists (never wanted/needed one, and they’re way too expensive anyway), and Martin and I will be going over everything all by ourselves. That means that we picked our wedding rings, our wedding invitations, our cake, and even the date for the city hall all by ourselves. September 6th is the city hall date for the civil part of the wedding and the next day is the big party at the restaurant. Why rush everything at the same day? There’s no need for that.

And the most important thing that I’m actually very adamant to implement, is to not get caught up what the parents want. Which is why we decided to invite 40 guests on each side plus 10 or so for the mutual friends. Done. Which is why we put off telling anybody about the wedding even to the last possible moment. The less people know the less chance they’ll have to have to get involved and get us annoyed. This is a first wedding for both of us, and we want to experience without any interference.

Which is why we’re paying for every single thing. Down to the flower bouquet, and the tie that Martin will be wearing on the big day. Yup. It’s expensive but totally worth it. It will be how we like it to be, and not how our parents like our wedding to be. I picked my wedding dress without anyone’s opinion on the matter, I picked my jewelry and the shoes too. And i’m wearing flats! Yup. I’m too tall anyway for high heels and I want to be comfortable as I dance into the night anyway. The wedding reception will be at the restaurant that we met (it holds a special place into our hearts) and it will be a buffet style of catering. There will be no traditions, no antiquated customs and no unnecessary wasting of money. This is our wedding and we’re going to do it just the way we like it. It’s going to be small, modest but oh so fun. So, thanks for the advice Mayim. It really helped.

This is a once in a lifetime experience for me, and the thought of me bending my back to please everybody else is not sitting well with me. So, it’s for the best actually. I actually managed to save my money and my sanity. Yay!


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