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Thank you… From one Man Repeller to the original


Let me be frank. This is a post about appreciation and gratitude not sucking up. Although it may appear that way… Trust me I’m not paid or bribed in any way for writing the following words…

But let me start from the beginning. This year has been a turning point for me on a personal and professional level. I’ve quit my job (I’ve been a journalist and film critic for the past 6 years) and with no job prospects on the horizon, and with months of feeling unproductive, bored and depressed, I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve also been fan of blogging. Reading blogs, freelance writing for blogs, and being inspired by blogs on a day to day basis. Weather are fashion, film, lifestyle or sports blogs if it’s good I’ll read it. And few years back I stumbled upon something called The Man Repeller. Website that started as a personal blog/portfolio of Leandra Medine, and also a website that was unlike I’ve red before. Funny, poignant, intelligent and most importantly didn’t took it self very seriously. I mean the name of the website is „The Man Repeller“ for Pet’s sake. And while the origin of the name is well know and discussed let me tell you about a similar story about a very similar name of a different blog. Mine.

Like I previously mentioned… bored and out of a job, I’ve decided to start my own blog but not quite for fashion, lifestyle e CT…but film. Film is my forte, passion if you will, and have been working as a film critic/film journalist ever since college (I have a B.A. in journalism). And, so on the cusp of turning 30, with very little patience, money, but with lots of inspiration and ideas I created this. Filmsane. You could say that where I’m coming from (South Eastern Europe) film blogs are not highly regarded and by creating it I made a mistake from the get go, but I figured… hey… if a single girl with nothing more than her fashion sense and her keyboard can do it… so can I.

And it gave me courage. It gave me inspiration to name my bog with a silly name. Filmsane. Yeah I know…it’s weird. But like in Leandra’s case, it also describes me best. It’s the reason for my odd choices of friends, boyfriends and interests when it comes to connecting to people.

Reading The Man Repeller, made me realize what I want to bring to the audience on Filmsane. A blog that doesn’t have to be serious and stiff to be respected. It’s OK to laugh at our self. I want to create a blog that explores the tiny trivial details of the films (scene, quote, kiss)… that that most people would look down. But while reading The Man Repeller, I realized that you have to stay true to yourself.

  • You don’t liked your prom dress? Good… talk about it, cause you’re not the only one.
  • You don’t like Paris Fashion Week anymore? Great… Elaborate the reason with whit, humor and personal touch.

In preparing for this post, I came across an older Youtube interview in which Leandra said:

Let them rise to your level. Don’t dumb yourself down (for sake of popularity).

Excellent guiding point in every business if you ask me, because quite frankly quality and uniqueness will always rise to the top. That’s been working for The Man Repeller so far, and hopefully will work for me on Filmsane.

In the end this post is a big and public thank you. Not just to the blog, but to the woman who paved the way (for me) and for many bloggers to come. From one beginner Man Repeller to the original. Thanks. 


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