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I Never Thought I’d Say This… But Kanye Is Right ...

You know this man I presume. The 2020 Presidential candidate. Yeah. That Kanye West. Well, he was a guest at Joe Rogan’s podcast recently and among the many weird things he mentioned, he briefly talked ...
October 26, 2020
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Taika Waititi: The Go-To Guy For Everything!

You’ve probably heard the news. The newly minted Academy Award winner, Taika Waititi will be directing and co-writing a new Star Wars movie. That’s right the Kiwi director will be dipping his toes in the ...
May 5, 2020
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Hey Disney! Let Carrie To Rest In Peace !

Seriously… Just let her to rest in peace. You’ve probably heard the news. The cast and crew of the upcoming Star Wars-Episode IX was announced. Returning cast members include Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, ...
July 29, 2018
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JJ’S Love And Respect For Keri Russell Lasts 20 Years

You might not have thought so, but it’s true. And you’ve probably heard the news about Keri. According to Variety, she’s in final negotiations to portray an undisclosed role in the upcoming J.J. Abrams directed ...
July 8, 2018
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Pausing The Star Wars Story Spin-Off Films Can Be Good

You’ve probably heard the news. Lucasfilm is putting on hold all of the already announced spin off films from the Star Wars universe. So it might be a while that we get to see the announced ...
June 21, 2018
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Solo A Star Wars Movie Film Review

After all that Solo A Star Wars Movie went through these few years, I’m surprised that it turned out well it did, actually. You know the history. You’ve heard about the troubles. The difficulty in ...
June 9, 2018
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James Mangold before Boba Fett solo movie: 7 of my ...

James Mangold is on fire these days. After directing Logan, one of the best X-Men movies (and any movies period) ever, according to Hollywood Reporter the director is set to direct a Star Wars stand-alone ...
May 28, 2018
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Solo, Lando and Boba Fett: stop milking the franchise maybe?

Well, Solo – A Star Wars Story premiered this week worldwide and quite frankly it wasn’t met with the best reviews. Currently, It holds 63% on Rotten Tomatoes and it didn’t met the expectations despite ...
May 25, 2018
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Just before Solo: some of my favorite Woody Harrelson films

Ok… Who doesn’t love Woody Harrelson? The veteran actor will be starring in Solo-A Star Wars movie and in Venom this year, but I want to you to a trip down memory lane and remind ...
May 15, 2018
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Nobody is bigger than Star Wars or just Kathleen Kennedy?

You’ve probably heard the news. Yes, the firing of Colin Trevorrow from directing Star Wars: Episode IX, happened at the end of last year, but a new report from Wall Street Journal shines a light ...
May 12, 2018
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Let’s talk about…. favorite May 4th memory… shall we?

All right Star Wars fans…. Let’s talk about May the 4th. The official Star Wars day is upon us, and I believe every single one of us has a favorite May 4th memory. I know ...
May 4, 2018
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Yup… Everything is improved with a little Sabotage

You’ve probably seen the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. The new and improved Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. Why improved you might ask? Well, because it’s re-cut and has Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” ...
February 22, 2018