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The Irishman: The De-Aging Doesn’t Really Work When You’re OLD ...

I want to be perfectly clear. This isn’t a diss aimed at the actors occupying The Irishman. Far from it. I have the highest of respect for those actors. No. This is a post about ...
December 1, 2019
Film Review

Alita Battle Angel Review

Alita Battle Angel has been a passion project of James Cameron for decades now, and at one point he even was adamant to direct the manga adaptation. But, in the 2019 film version of the ...
February 24, 2019
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The Irishman and other de-aging film examples

You’ve probably heard the news. The Martin Scorsese’s Netflix biopic The Irishman is causing a lot of troubles for Marty and Netflix. Money related troubles. Yes. The movie that has now entered post production is ...
February 12, 2018