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Burnout In Time Of Wedding Planning

Let’s talk about burnout, shall we? And weddings too. I know. One subject is much happier than the other, but in my case, they’re so intertwined and connected that I can’t help but feel that ...
July 13, 2019
Film Review

Deadpool 2 Film Review

Let me tell you something. Those post credit scenes in Deadpool 2 are probably 2 of the greatest I’ve seen, in a long long time. Ever. Not just from a MCU film, but ever! But ...
May 26, 2018
Film Review

Avengers Infinity War Film Review

Ever since 2012’s Avengers (the amazing Joss Whedon directed master piece), the team has just gown and grown in size and number. There were numerous additions, numerous obstacles and villains, but by now… in 2018 ...
May 5, 2018
Film Review

Ready Player One Film Review

Well he’s Back. Steven Spielberg I mean. With another movie and with another adventure. Ready Player One is the name and Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) is the main hero in it. Well… Parzival (his Avatar ...
April 8, 2018
Film Review

Red Sparrow Film Review

If there is one thing that Jennifer Lawrence can do is… carry a movie on her shoulders. She cannot however, save one from damnation. That’s is the case of Red Sparrow, her latest collaboration with ...
March 9, 2018
Film Review

Molly’s Game Film Review

If you’re a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s work, you’re probably going to enjoy Molly’s Game. You’re going to appreciate Sorkin’s effort. I mean Molly’s Game. And by effort I mean, Sorkin’s famous rapid fire, dynamic ...
February 3, 2018
Film Review

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Film Review

Actually, the title of the movie explains the premise of the movie perfectly. Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand), is a divorced single mother still grieving the death of her teenage daughter. Seven months prior, her teenage ...
January 15, 2018
Film Review

I, Tonya Film Review

The first time I ever heard about Tonya Harding was ironically in one segment of Robin William’s stand up special called Robin Williams Live on Broadway. That was back in 2002, and since I don’t ...
January 7, 2018
Film Review

Star Wars:The Last Jedi Film Review

Well here it is folks. The second installment from the new Star Wars trilogy. Written and directed by Rian Johnson it’s not just the longest running movie in the franchise, it’s also the last featuring ...
December 16, 2017
Film Review

Thor Ragnarok Film Review

Marvel first introduced Thor as a character in the self-titled 2011 solo movie. Back then, the director of the movie- Kenneth Branagh cast two virtually unknown actors in the roles of Thor and Loki (Chris ...
October 29, 2017
Film Review

It Film Review

27 is a recurring number in It. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård)- the ancient, trans-dimensional evil that awakens every twenty-seven years to haunt the children in Derry, Maine and it took 27 years after ...
September 11, 2017
Film Review

Baby Driver Film Review

A few months ago, when Edgar Wright was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, admittedly said that he had the idea for Baby Driver when he first heard The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s ...
August 26, 2017