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Trailer of the day

Shazam! Is Still Keeping Things Light

I don’t know about you but I was pretty impressed with the first Shazam! trailer. It was fun, it had a killer trailer song (Kendrick Lamar’s Humble) and it promised a nice shift in tone ...
March 5, 2019
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Say hi to Deathstroke… The latest DC baddie

If you had the chance to see Justice League, than you’ve probably got a glimpse of Deathstroke / Slade Wilson. Played by Joe Manganiello, Deathstroke was unaccredited presence of Justice League, but will become a ...
November 26, 2017
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Fun (yet useless) facts about Justice League

All right now… Let’s get serious. Zack Snyder’s latest work from the DC Cinematic Universe called Justice League it’s headed to theaters. The team of super-heroes lead by Bruce Wayne/Batman (played by Ben Affleck) will ...
November 13, 2017