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Shrill Makes Me Thankful To Have Found A Decent Man!


So, I binged on Hulu’s latest offering last night. The hit series Shrill has SNL’s alumni Aidy Bryant in the role of Annie, a millennial journalist who deals with a lot of shit through the 8 episodes of the first season.

She has an abortion in the first episode, she has on and of again relationship with Ryan (Luka Jones) an unmotivated lazy good for nothing, man child, she’s berated by her annoying boss (played by John Cameron Mitchell), she has an ailing and aging parents, and on top of that she’s learning to love herself in a very fat-shaming society.

I can’t relate to the obesity part of her character, because I’ve never been fat, obese or whatever you want to call it, but I have had my fair share of dating losers, morons and unmotivated man-children. The Ryan’s if you will.

And I see that problem all around me, not just in fictional characters. Great, smart, beautiful, talented women keep dating those losers because we’re either pressured by society to have anybody that would be kind enough to pay us even a little bit of attention, or we’re told to lower your standards. Ah, the good old you’re too picky. You should lower your standards speech.

That’s especially true if you’re not a conventional type of beauty (like i am), if you’re fat (like so many women are) or if there’s something wrong with you that would be deemed socially unacceptable (If you’re nerd, geek, sports fanatic ect.). I’ve been told over and over again that I’m too weird and that i should settle for just about anybody. God lord, I can imagine how it must be for the obese women. Like the men that would be interested in dating them are actually not dating them because they want to. Noooooooo. They either have some sort of a fetish, or can’t scare up a normal girl so they go digging in the „unwanted“ pile to choose from. There has to be a woman there and she should be grateful that she’s with me!

But the thing is, I was Annie just 2 short years ago. I was the girl with low self-esteem, I was berated by my idiot boss, I was the journalist who wanted to make better stories, and I was dating Ryan’s. I was so delusional that no normal man would ever want me, so I should just accept my fate that the man-children were my destiny. Thank God I came to my senses and most importantly, thank God I met Martin.

He’s by no means perfect (I’m not either) but he’s the exact opposite of all the Ryan’s I’ve met and dated in my life. He’s passionate, he’s talented, he’s motivated, hard-working and incredibly smart.

He’s a med-student for fucks sake. And yes, he really is that amazing human being. So, bottom line is that I’m very grateful to have found a decent man to love, and to love me back. Now I have even less than zero patience for the Ryan’s around me, and if you know what’s best for you should get that self-esteem and that self-confidence up where they belong. No Ryan’s allowed!


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