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Show them how it’s done Natalie!


All hail Natalie Portman.

The actress and Academy Award winner Natalie Portman had a bad-ass moment last night calling out the all male nominated film directors.

Portman presented the Golden Globe award along with fellow Oscar winner, Ron Howard to Guillermo del Toro, but before she could say all the other nominees in the same category she just simply stated the obvious…

And here are the all-male nominees.

The nominees included: Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water; Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk; Ridley Scott for All the Money in the World; and Steven Spielberg for The Post. Del Toro won for The Shape Of water.

After she said that, Howard chuckled a bit but she didn’t, and by saying that she expressed her frustration with ignoring Greta Gerwig and Patty Jenkings in that very same category.

Check it out here!


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