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Secret Santa Sucks


There I’ve said it. As I presume many of you had to bare the unnecessary burden in life called „Secret Santa“. Yeah, I to have to do it too and i hate it. The difference is now, that I can write about it, and share my pain with you guys. So bare with me.

Secret Santa sucks on so many levels. It’s bad enough that you have to spent X amount of money on meaningless gifts that will be forgotten as last year’s snow, sometime you have to buy those gifts for the people you don’t really know or don’t really care about. Inspired by the latest episode of Mom, I’m going to write about the hell that is Secret Santa and how I got myself into it.

At the beginning of this month I started a new job and although I like my coworkers, I’m less than thrilled about my boss. My Secret Santa pick. She’s a woman in her 20’s, she’s pregnant and a Muslim. That’s pretty much all I know about her. How on earth I can buy/make something for her that is not terrible and actually get away with it?

And as far as I concerned, you can’t win at this even if you’re picking the present for someone that you love or know. These presents are very much different than say….. birthday presents, and not only the amount of money that you can spend is low, choosing a festive holiday spirit present is not an option.

I’m screwed in that department too. As I previously mentioned, my boss is Muslim and she doesn’t even celebrate Christmas. If I get her something about the baby, I’ll be out of the line, and yeah… I’m screwed.

But frankly I’ve hated  the Secret Santa event in the past. Even for coworkers that I knew even better. I can’t even remember what I got to my Secret Santa pick last year, because all I could remember now (one year later) is the stress and the shopping in the freezing cold that  i went through.

Secret Santa sucks you guys. I know it’s no within the cheerful holiday spirit, but I had to get it out of my system. And as for the gift… I’ll probably by her a nice scarf. Because… Secret Santa Sucks!


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