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Rose McGowan is the hero we desperately needed


And by WE i mean the entire female population.

Let me be clear upfront in this post. In my, almost 31 years of life on this Earth and almost 10 in the work-force, I have never been sexually assaulted, molested, groped or raped by any male figure of authority. But… just because I have never experienced such horrible atrocity, doesn’t’ mean I can’t empathize and show support for all the women that have. That’s in the same bracket of showing LGBT community support. I’m not gay, but just because I’m straight, it doesn’t mean I can’t defend and support the gay community. So my writing here is sincere offering of support and love to all the Harvey Weinstein victims and especially one in particular. Rose McGowan.

I call her the hero we all needed but it’s such a trivial and quite frankly stupid thing to say now. When we all found out the truth about her predator and rapist. I myself believed in her accusations for a looong looong time now and I’m just glad that the person responsible for all the suffering and hurt is finally named and shamed.

But she is the hero. And not just of this past week. If you recall she spoke publicly about her assault years ago. She couldn’t give names but now that she can, she’s actually not holding anything back. She went after the Affleck brothers in the process and her tireless crusade made her Twiiter account to be temporarily blocked. You can sadly say that her voice is heard now, but it wasn’t the case for years before. And yes…. Right now everyone is focused on the fact that she didn’t she said anything about Harvey Weinstein sooner, but I want you to focus on something else.

Take a good scroll back at some of the tweets from her account and articles written about her. She was (and still is) in Hollywood terms „a problem child“. A modern day Frances Farmer if you will. An actress who defined stereotypes on what she should act, say, look and an actress who spoke about the sexism in Hollywood. That’s a big no no in Hollywood just so you know. How dare she speak of an Adam Sandler movie audition that required skimpy and provocative outfit? How dare she when she wore even more revealing outfits on red carpet events? Following the reveal of the sexist audition she was fired from her agent. That’s why most actresses keep mum about this stuff and go on.

“A (female) criminal attorney said because I’d done a sex scene in a film I would never win against the studio head,” McGowan tweeted last year… because it’s been an open secret in Hollywood/Media & they shamed me while adulating my rapist… followed in another Tweet.

That’s why she couldn’t give names.

You see… Rose is a different kind of a breed and I adore her because of it. She’s outspoken, tough resilient and I’ve been a fan of hers for sooo long. I’ve been a fan of her work, but right now I’ve been mostly fan of her personality, will and character. There are not that many actresses left like her. She chose to speak up when everyone else knew about the abuses on women and chose to stay silent. So… yeah… she’s the hero we all need. In one of the most dire and depressing times for women in this business, but you know what?

I’ll take it… The hero part… And who known’s there just might be light coming soon from all of this darkness.


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