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Richard E Grant And The Art Of Enjoying Your Success


I’ve been a huge fan of Richard E. Grant’s talent for decades now. Ever since I saw him in Jack and Sarah to be more precise. But right now the man is everywhere, and I’m loving it.

Yes, Richard E. Grant received an Oscar nomination and he’s up for the best Actor in a supporting role at tomorrow’s Oscar ceremony. But if you followed his Oscar campaign you’ll get why he’s the saving grace of the entire campaign.

If you take good look at his social media feed, you’ll see that the man is enjoying himself all too much and it’s adorable. He’s basically a giddy teenager, and he’s not shy about it.

At the age of 61 he received his first Oscar nomination (for his role in Can You ever forgive me?) and he’s had wonderful few months. Seriously, just scroll on his Instagram feed and you’ll see a smiling man that’s enjoying his moment. And why wouldn’t he?

He’s been in the business for the past 3 decades, and he’s finally getting the recognition that he deserves. And he’s sharing his Oscar journey with the world. He’s been to every talk show in existence, he’s done countless interviews and his Instagram feed is filled with Oscar worthy memories. To this day he’s genuinely excited, amazed and very thankful for everything that this movie has provided him and he’s expressing it. And there’s an art form in all that. The art of enjoying your success.

As opposed to the other snooty, arrogant fellow nominees who can’t be bothered to show up to an event, he can’t shut up about his Oscar nomination, and it’s amazing. Some confuse this joy and excitement with a PR stunt, but I don’t think it’s the case.

Even in those multiple interviews I’ve mentioned, he just can’t stop talking about this fantastic Oscar campaign that he’s having. And it’s not weird at all. He’s honest about his Oscar campaign and likes to share it with everybody. He’s enjoying the fruits of his labor and everybody should let him. Seriously. Just let him be, because it’s glorious to witness that. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity (his Oscar nomination) and he’s relishing it in every moment that he gets.

In my opinion, his nomination should have come sooner in his career (because he’s awesome actor) but I’m just glad that somebody recognized the talent that this man has in one of the most underrated movies ever. Oh and on that note… I adored Can you ever forgive me? He and Melissa did a wonderful job and their chemistry was in high volumes in that movie. It’s one of the best movies of 2018 if you ask me.

So, let Richard enjoy his success properly. If he wants to jump from joy like a kid, let him. He’s got every single right to do that, and I wish him nothing but luck tomorrow.



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