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Reflecting on Filmsane… One year after starting a film blog


All right now. It’s almost there. The month. The date and the anniversary. 26th of May 2017. It was the day on which I finally published the first post on Filmsane, but i had it on line from April 24th.  It’s a blog that I still to this day call my baby, and a blog that I poured in my money, knowledge, time and countless hours of effort behind the keyboard.

I blog that keeps bringing me joy, serenity, fulfillment but also angst and apprehension not just when I reflect on this past year, but also when I think about the future.

With 566 published posts, interviews, film reviews I’d say I put an effort on quality rather than quality. Actually I prefer it that way. I’ve done the other way around before and it’s just not worth it. I think the audience demands an honest, raw, quality personal posts about one blogger’s experience. And mine’s not that different.

I’ve written about my struggles with alcohol addiction, my falling out with my friends, my engagement and upcoming wedding and of course the movies, TV series, actors and directors that I admire.

But like I said…. I’m a little restless and apprehensive about what the future will bring. Why? Well… For starters, because I learned I couple of things…. In this past year I’ve noticed that there are not that many film blogs out there. In general. I don’t know if it’s an acquired taste for the public, or it’s looked down subject, but there are not that many film blogs.

There are plenty of fashion, lifestyle, parenting and travel blogs but there are not that many film blogs. I’ve even joined a blogging groups on several social media platforms and i found the same result there too. Scarce number of film blogs in the vast internet ocean. I’m not complaining though, just making an observation about this, since it’s a bit hard for me to compare notes, experiences and thoughts with other fellow film bloggers.

Secondly I learned that because of my delicate (let’s go with that) niche of writing, there are not that many things that you as a blogger can offer (sell) in order to monetize your blog. You cannot promote the latest clothing line of Torrid on my blog, like you would on a fashion blog. Oh and the affiliate marketing offers are not that great either.

But I shouldn’t be so Debbie downer. I get to do what I love on a daily basis. Not that many people can say that about themselves. Regardless if it’s just a hobby now. Sure I’d love to see Filmsane grown and develop into something invaluable, but for now I’ll just count my lucky stars and be grateful that I have it.


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