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Reason number 5874 why I adore Paul Thomas Anderson


You’ve probably heard about this man. And you’ve probably seen some of his movies. My favorite to this day is Magnolia, but I don’t blame you if you love some of his other movies.

Yes. I’m talking about Paul Thomas Anderson.

The auteur, the maestro, the most brilliant filmmaker of his generation now presents his 8th motion picture of his career and second with Daniel Day Lewis in the team– Phantom Thread.

Phantom Thread is currently getting rave reviews and nominations for numerous accolades, and of course is considered a strong Oscar contender but that’s not what I’d love to talk about. I want to express the reason number 5874 why I love this man.

In the previous 5873 reasons you can generally put the movies he makes, the characters he writes, the performances he manages to extract from his actors, the finesse and style in which his camera work evolves with every upcoming movie. He’s also long overdue an Oscar but this is the stuff that everyone knows about.

The latest reason why I adore PTA is apparently his inspiration that prompted and inspired his latest movie. His partner and mother of his children Maya Rudolph. Apparently we have the actress and comedienne to thank for Phantom Thread…

And why you ask?

“I was very, very sick in bed one night. And my wife looked at me with a love and affection that I hadn’t seen in a long time. So I called Daniel the next day and said, ‘I think I have a good idea for a movie’.”

“And then we saw a picture of Cristobal Balenciaga, and then there were fashion books all over our house, and the next thing we knew we were writing and researching and talking and it just kept going and going and going until it seemed impossible to stop. And we didn’t want to stop. It seemed really, really good and exciting to attack, said Anderson in his recent Q&A while promoting Phantom Thread.

Yes you read that right. Maya and her loving nurturing look inspired him to make this movie, and I love that. I also love the fact that they are the part of the most low-key, yet loving and respectful couple in Hollywood. They are not that present in the public (like most of the Hollywood couples), but every so often Maya will be guest on some talk show, and right there you can just hear her love and devotion towards Paul.

Paul is more recluse than Maya, and he appears even less in the public, but when he does, he mostly chooses to talk about his movies, his work and his creative process. But when I hear about the glimpses of inspiration that Maya had on him.. Oh I’m filled with excitement and awe of them both. You see… They are some of the most normal and down to earth couples you can find in Hollywood. You don’t see them in tabloids, you don’t see them on red carpets very often, and you don’t see them in interviews together. And they have been together for 16 years. Four kids, 5 movies and countless awards later, his thoughts on Maya are the antidote that I needed in this particular Hollywood climate filled with accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

Because she’s apparently more than his partner in life. She’s his partner in everything else, and there… here is my reason number 5874 on why I adore Paul Thomas Anderson. Hope you liked it.


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