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Rami Malek: a film career on the rise


Well, Papillon’s first official trailer is officially out. Yeah, after last week’s Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, long awaited remake of the 1973 film classic, Papillon is gracing us with the first trailer and I’m pleasantly surprised by it.

Rami Malek stars as the prisoner Louis Dega (previously played by Dustin Hoffman) and Charlie Hunnam is Henri Charrière aka Papillon in the Michael Noer directed biographical film. The role of Papillon was played by Steve Mcqueen in the 1973 version of the film.

Papillon follows the epic story of Henri “Papillon” Charrière (Charlie Hunnam), a safecracker from the Parisian underworld who was unjustly convicted of murder and condemned to life in a notorious penal colony on Devil’s Island in French Guiana, South America. Determined to regain his freedom, Papillon forms an unlikely alliance with quirky convicted counterfeiter Louis Dega (Rami Malek), who in exchange for his protection, agrees to finance Papillon’s escape, ultimately resulting in a bond of lasting friendship.

But while we wait for the release of the film (on 24th of August) let’s reflect on the recent development of Rami Malek’s career. Yes, Rami is best known for the outstanding Mr. Robot TV series, but his film career is worth mentioning. Especially in the last 2-3 years.

Up until, 2015’s Mr. Robot premiere he’s had a series of supporting roles in some great and not so great movies. Night at the Museum, Larry Crowne, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Battleship, Need for Speed are the unremarkable examples while The Master, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and Short Term 12 are the very few outstanding pieces of film art. Sure Rami had supporting roles in those too, but at least they are great and memorable.

But it was the role in the 2016’s Buster’s Mal Heart that got Rami his first leading role in a motion picture and he’s not looked back since. Why should he? He’s one of the mast talented and exciting actors currently working. He’s weird-looking but in a good way and I just love the mellow soft tone of his voice. Oh did I mentioned that he’ll be playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Bohemian Rhapsody? Yeah, watch out for that performance this year, and make sure to be on a lookout in January next year when the Academy Awards will be announced. I have a feeling that Bohemian Rhapsody will bring the first Oscar nomination for Rami Malek and will be much deserved.

Rami Malek’s film career is on a rise and currently booming. Don’t be surprised if you hear his name a lot more in the next few months. It will be for all the right reasons.


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