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Rambo Last Blood Trailer Impression: Spoiler-Free Homage To A Great Character


You’ve probably seen it. The trailer for the upcoming Rambo Last Blood movie. It’s the last installment from the franchise and the teaser trailer was released yesterday. It took me some time to process it, and I thought that it would be a good idea to make a post about my second (if you will) impression.

Much like with many of the teasers (and even trailers), the first impression can be somewhat deceiving. You need a second viewing to get all the docks in row and really know that the movie is going to be about. And although I wasn’t that much impressed with the overall quality of the teaser, I have to give a shootout to the editors for not giving away too much spoilers. From the fist glance this looks like it’s going to be your standard Rambo/macho/blowing up shit/type of a movie. And you’d be right to assume that.

The teaser certainly gives that impression away. But what the 1 minute and 44 seconds doesn’t give away is the plot and I’m all for that. There has been too many teasers and full on trailers that actually reveal so much of the plot. This is not the case. What you can actually tell from the teaser is that it’s a revenge type of a movie (similar to the ones of Tarantino even), and that’s pretty much it. No inclining on why Rambo is pissed and plotting a killing spree. No nothing.

And I applaud that. You also get to see primarily John Rambo in this teaser. There isn’t a huge presence of supporting characters, and if you want to look that up (along with the details about the plot) you’ll have to hit the Wikipedia page of the movie. Bravo.

Also because the movie’s setting is in Mexico, the predominantly Latino and Spanish speaking actors are going to be featured in the actual movie. I applaud that too.

But, I really hope the full trailer is much better actually. I also hope the Rambo Last blood is a good movie as well. Time will tell, as it set to premiere in September, but yeah… So far so good.

Check out the trailer.


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