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Post Valentine ’s Day rant: Four weddings and a funeral was not that great


Well guys and girls. How was your Valentine’s day? I personally hate that factious made up holiday but since I have a partner that is a sentimental sap, I caved in and celebrated it with the whole nine yards. Wine, dinner, presents (I got a lovely scarf from my Valentine) and a romantic movie… And since I actually love rom coms and have seen quite a lot from them,whenwe cam to the topic of „what movie should we watch“, I suggested…

Hey why not Four weddings and a funeral?

As I was writing about Valentine’s day a day before I encountered that movie on almost every possible list of a must watch Valentine’s Day movies.

So I figured… Why not?

I’m not that big Hugh Grant fan, but I love John Hannah and Andy McDowell so I said hell yes to watching this move. Plus it’s considered to be one of the most beloved British movies of the 90’s and Iooove watching high society drunken people at weddings. Especially the Brits. The movie checked many boxes, but what it turned out to be was a big old mess for me, and I can safely say that I’m not a fan (as the rest of the world).

Well I’m going to start from the obvious. Hugh is charming AF here and actually gives a solid performance in the role of Charles, but I can hardly say that I liked any other character. They are all weird and awful people and Andy’s character Carrie is actually the worst. I hated her with all my Valentine’s day guts and oh… The one guy that was actually fun and exciting (Simon Callow ‘s Garreth) actually died. Yes you’ve guessed it. He was the funeral in the Four weddings and a funeral.

There were some serious problems in pacing, the humor was way off at times, and the scenes outside of the weddings (there were not that many to be honest) were more exhausting to watch than the actual wedding scenes. The supporting female characters weren’t any better than the male, and not only were they too weird, they were also too desperate and too kooky.

I was glad to see Rowan Atkinson in a small but awesome part, and I was even gladder to find out that this is his favorite movie of his entire career. I’m not mad at it, nor do I think it was a waste of time. I’ve seen far more terrible movies than this, but this day was special and we should have picked a better movie. My partner was not thrilled either, so a back a plan was Celeste and Jesse Forever. Now there is a good movie. Not happily ever after/Valentine’s day movie but a good movie.

Don’t you think?


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