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Paul Thomas Anderson: analyzed and adored


Paul Thomas Anderson is the 90’s wild child. Enfant terrible of Hollywood who grew and matured enough to be considered an Auteur of his craft. Since his debut in the mid 90’s (with Hard Eight/Sydney) and right until his upcoming 8th feature film he’s amounted a massive and devoted cult following among his fans that resulted in him having a God like quality.

But there are some character traits that can be found in his body of work, that make his movies, music videos or shorts instantly recognizable. Right until Philip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death the actor/director duo was known by their mutual respect and collaboration in many of PTA’s movies. And since the California born and raised Anderson has been known to adore the work of Johnny Greenwood in the music department, Dylan Tichenor in editing. Oh and PTA is one of three directors – the others being Jim Sheridan and Martin Scorsese – with whom Daniel Day-Lewis has collaborated more than once. How cool is that?

Which leads me to his latest movie. Phantom Thread. The official lengthily synopsis for 8th movie in PTA’s career (and the first official trailer) has been publish and while we wait for the December premiere it’s worthy to notice that this is Daniel Day Lewis’s final film. The three time Academy Award winner announced that Phantom Thread will be his last and I can’t hardly wait to see it quite frankly.

But if you head out to Youtube and type Paul Thomas Anderson’s name you’ll find videos and videos of in depth analyses of his work, style, themes, characters and movies in general. They are all made from his devoted fans and frankly are delight to watch and absorb.

So… How about I share some of them with you? You should definitely check them out and thank me later!

*All depicted material belongs to the creators of the following Youtube videos.

Paul Thomas Anderson – Finding Purpose In Life
Made by: Jack’s Movie Reviews

Paul Thomas Anderson: Four Basics
Made by: Lanny Boyer

How To Create a Shot List Like Paul Thomas Anderson
Made by: StudioBinder

Paul Thomas Anderson | The Inexhaustible Captain
Made by: Chase Pottinger

Paul Thomas Anderson: A Chronological Timeline
Made by: Jeremy Ratzlaff

A Tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson
Made by: Movies In 5 Minutes

THAT LANDLESS LATITUDE: The Art of Paul Thomas Anderson
Made by: Stephen Davis

Inside Paul Thomas Anderson’s Mind
Made by: Dimitris Tzikas

What I learned (about filmmaking) from watching Inherent Vice
Made by: CinemaTyler


The Master | The Sweetness of Freddie
Made by: Film Radar

The Infamous Style of Paul Thomas Anderson
Made by: Malibu Thompson

Paul Thomas Anderson: The Master of Sound
Made by: So It Goes


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