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Overboard revisited: some useless but fun facts about the cult classic


You’ve probably heard news and most likely you’ve seen the first trailer. I’m talking about the first trailer for Overboard, the long awaited remake of the 1987 movie.

Now starring Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, the remake of Overboard has reversed from the original film. Derbez will portray a wealthy man who falls off of his yacht and is found by Faris’ character, a single mother who convinces him that he is her husband. I know that some of the fans are not quite happy with this chosen script, but I’m fairly optimistic about the outcome of the movie. Furthermore I’m a huuuge fan on Anna, and I can hardly wait for the premiere (set for April 2018).

But what about the original movie? What about that forgotten gem that marked the better part of my childhood? I remember especially during the summer break, the TV channels would play Overboard non-stop. And me and my sister would be glued to the TV for the 17th or 20th time in a row just to watch Kurt Russell torture the spoiled and rich Goldie.

I personally loved the fact that they were a couple in real life, during the making of the movie, and I presume that made the shooting of the movie even more fun. But back then in 1987, when the movie was released, it was considered a moderate success. For instance Variety praised Hawn’s performance, but called it “an uninspiring, unsophisticated attempt at an updated screwball comedy that is brought down by plodding script and a handful of too broadly drawn characters, and while critics praised Goldie’s performance the movie got better with age.

It was during the 90’s that the movie got it’s cult following, and not is considered a cult classic. I suppose you need to let some movies to age and ferment. Like fine wine.

But for now… Let’s look back at some interesting yet trivial facts about Overboard, and I hope you enjoy every single one of them.

As of 2014, this is the third and last of three movies that real-life couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell appeared in together as co-stars. Their earlier collaborations were Swing Shift (1984) and The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968).

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s own young kids were always with them while making the film. Their youngest, Wyatt, took his first steps on the set.

Kurt Russell says that this and Captain Ron (1992) are the two movies everyone seems to have on their boats.

During filming, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell hosted a BBQ for the whole cast and crew.

Third of three consecutive pictures with one-word titles for actress Goldie Hawn. The others were Protocol (1984), and Wildcats (1986).

Jeffrey Wiseman (Joe) was so rowdy on set, that Garry Marshall would often shout, “Jeffrey, stop it!”

John Candy was considered for the roll of Billy. But, he turned it down as he was working on Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) at the time.

The rocking motion of the yacht kept causing members of the crew to fall asleep while shooting.

Looking back on the film, Garry Marshall thinks that it’s “still one of the funniest pictures I ever made.”


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