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Oscars2019: #OscarsSoWTF?


You’ve probably heard the news. The Oscars news. Some of you might have even watch the live Academy Awards show. But probably all of you have known the names of the winners.

And there were some surprises I must admit. Namely Rami Malek in the best Leading actor category, Olivia Colman in the best Leading actress category, the Best original and adapted screenplay categories were also duds, and of course in the Best picture category. WTF?

Green Book was pronounced winner there and I have to say I don’t agree with this particular win, and with some of the other wins as well. You know in the other categories.  But more on the point on Black Book, the movie was not that great (for an Oscar Win great) and it had the stereotypical portrayal of the white savior complex, that kind of downplays the entire historic struggle within the black community.

And as much as I adore Alfonso Cuaron, I think that his win now for best Director (for the movie Roma) was purely out of spite. It’s basically to piss off trump and it works, actually. Not only that he won for Best director, he won an Oscar for best cinematography and an Oscar for Best foreign film. Ok, I’ll give him that. The Best foreign movie was a no brainer, but cinematography? Come on!

But let’s get back to the acting nominations, with no host to mess around, the Oscar ceremony was opened with medley performance by Queen (featuring Adam Lambert) and Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper didn’t disappoint. They have more chemistry than half of the screen couples in half of the 2018 movies.

But let’s get back to the acting awards. I admire the talents of Olivia Colman and I think she’s great, but I wanted to give Clenn Close a big after yet another crushing defeat. It’s safe to say that Glenn will end her career without an Oscar I I hate that. Come on! What does it take for her to win an Oscar for Fuck’s sake? Meryl has 3!.

On the subject of disappointments… First Man grabbed an Oscar for best Visual effects, in a category in which he shared with a god damn Marvel movie? Seriously. How could you award the Visual Effects of a movie like First man, when you have the presence of Avengers Infinity war in the same category?

But on a more positive note, I’m so glad that a lot more female filmmakers got Oscar this year. It just proves that women are just as capable of being successful in this business, if only they were given more opportunities. But in the end, these were some fucked up Oscars. Half of my picks (my favorites if you will) were ignored or left out, and accolades were given to the most popular people, and the politically/socially active as opposed to the most deserving.

So, that’s why I’m calling the 2019 Oscars #OscarsSoWTF. I don’t know about you, but it made me say WTF after every category.




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