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Oscars 2019: Best Leading Actress Predictions


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 2019 is going to be Glenn Close’s year.

After 6 tries, she’s bound to win an Oscar for lead actress at the February Academy Award ceremony, but let’s not jump ahead. We still need to go through the Academy Award nominations, scheduled for tomorrow morning, and I have to say Glenn will be in a good company tomorrow.

Lady Gaga is expected to earn an Oscar nomination in the same Best actress category (for her role in A Star Is Born), and Nicole Kidman is a shoe-in as well for brave performance in Destroyer.

Best Golden Globe winner in the comedy or musical category, Olivia Colman will likely to grab an Oscar nod too, and do expect Melissa McCarthy to be included in this group. She was marvelous in Can You Ever Forgive Me? And she deserves some Oscar love.

Those are my predictions in the Best actress in a leading role category, but I do have a feeling that there will be some big surprises in the rest of the categories.

Julia Roberts and Carey Mulligan might pull through, but that remains to be seen. There will be some nominations that don’t make sense and a lot of the movies produced or distributed by streaming services will be gloating at the end of the announcement. I’m looking at you Roma!.

But why Glenn Close and not Lady Gaga? Well, because the Academy is composed of mostly old, white reasonably conservative (well by Hollywood standards anyway) members that feel the need to award the women who’s been steadily working for more than 4 decades in the business. This Oscar will be her crowning achievement, her Swan song and after 6 previous nominations and 6 losses, she deserves it.

She’s far more experienced and more talented actress than lady Gaga, and everybody knows it. And when making comparison to the two lady’s movies, lady Gaga’s is far more popular with the audience. A Star Is Born was heavily publicized in the months leading up to the premiere, and the fact that it is Bradley Cooper’s rookie directorial attempt was also heavily noted.

But in this particular category, quality, talent, longevity will triumph over popularity and hopefully we’ll get to see Glenn on the stage giving a bad-ass speech.


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