Blast from the past

Oscar History: Joe Pesci And The Greatest Acceptance Speech Ever


What’s the first thing that you think of about the Oscars? The red carpet, the dresses, the A-listers and of course the SPEECHES!

Yes, there were plenty of memorable, controversial and awesome speeches in the 91 glorious years of Oscar history, but probably one of the greatest is Joe Pesci’s acceptance speech.

And why was it so great? Well, it was short and poignant. Instead of boring the audience to death with his gratitude for his third grade English teacher, his parents, his dentist, Martin Scorsese and plenty of others, Pesci just said…

“It’s my privilege. Thank you.”

That was it. No whining, no crying no thanking GOD, Harvey Weinstein and most of all no drama.

Pesci unlike the character he played in Goodfellas is a man of few words and that quite clear on March 25th 1991. But he’s nominated again, and for a second time with Pacino in the same category – Best supporting actor. Oh, and tomorrow he’ll be rubbing shoulders with his Irishman college, Al Pacino (of course), Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Antony Hopkins for the very same sward. Brad Pitt is a favorite for the win here, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be reminded of the probably greatest Oscar acceptance speech ever.




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