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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Trailer Impression: This Better Be Good!


You’ve probably seen it. The second trailer for Quintin Tarantino’s 9th movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiered at the same time with the movie’s premiere at Cannes.

And it’s interesting to say the least. We get to see a lot more characters now, a lot more of the plot and because of that all I can say is…. This better be good!

And I’m happy to report that it most likely is good. The movie god glowing reviews and 6 minute standing ovation at Cannes, and I’m really glad about that. After what happened in the previous few years, and the bad rep that Quentin himself got, this will be a watershed moment for him.

This will be the first movie of Tarantino to feature both Leo and Brad at the same time, not to mention the rest of the A-list stars like Margot Robbie, Al Pachino, Dakota Fanning (and so much more).

Secondly this is the first Tarantino movie not to be produced by the Weinstein brothers, and I’m eager to find out how will the movie will be promoted without their relentless and aggressive marketing campaigns.

Thirdly since this is a movie that has a plot entwined with real-life events (and terrible ones of that) I’m eager to find out the parallels between the facts and the fiction.

And last but not least, the movie had the misfortune to have 2 deceased actors by the time it was released. First it was Burt Reynolds. The screen legend died before the production even began, and was eventually replaced with Bruce Dern. The second actor from the movie’s roster to die was Luke Perry. The Beverly Hills 902010 actor died in March this year following a massive stroke. He was just 52 years old, and I’m eager to find out what will Tarantino make out of his last film role ever. Perry portrayed the role of Wayne Maunder, a well-known TV actor from the 60’s and the 70’s and ironically he died just a few months before Perry.

But I’m really happy that the movie is actually doing well (critically) and I hope will do just as well commercially. I had my beef with Tarantino and his treatment of women in the past (most notably Uma Thurman), and his association with the Weinstein’s was sketchy to say the least, but Hollywood loves a good comeback and a glossy redemption story.

Especially from the man that’s been the darling of this town for more than 2 decades.

But yes. The trailers look decent, the cast looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see the movie. I was really disappointed by Tarantino’s previous movie (the Hateful Eight) and he better not disappoint me once more. This better be good.


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