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Olivia Munn Is Reminding Us That #MeToo Was For Nothing


Olivia Munn is one of the 2 female actors in the upcoming Predator movie. She and Yvonne Strahovski are minority in the male dominated, testosterone driven Predator movie, but for now she’s the only one talking about one particular problem.

The problem of employing a registered sex offender in the Predator cast. Yes, an actor by the name of Steven Wilder Striegel (a registered sex offender) was part of the Predator cast in a supporting role. Olivia even shared a scene with Striegel that was later deleted from the final cut. Steven Wilder Striegel is apparently a longtime friend with director Shane Black, but reportedly served a jail time for a very troublesome felony. Yeah…. 6 Moths of jail time but still- he was a felon. He’ll have to bear the shame of that conviction for the rest of his life, and the record of him being a registered sex offender is even in his IMDB page. I’m not joking. Look it up.

Steven Wilder Striegel has been convicted of attempting to lure a 14-year-old girl into a sexual relationship via the Internet, and despite having the scene cut from the movie and having director personally apologize for casting him, Olivia Munn feels that she’s the one who’s being punished and ostracized.

“There are people who get very mad at you for not… just, you know… helping them bury it,” she said carefully at one point in the interview. Munn doesn’t single anyone out by name on that count, but the absence of — and relative silence from — her fellow actors is notable. It’s a very lonely feeling to be sitting here by myself when I should be sitting here with the rest of the cast,” she said in her Hollywood Reporter interview.

Oh, and that’s not the whole story. Steven Wilder Striegel was previously cast in two of Shane Black’s films (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys), and although his credits (and scene) from The Predator has been deleted by this point, it is now up to Olivia to fight the battle alone.

The battle with the studio, with the media and with the rest of the cast, just by publicly exposing him. Which just goes to show that the #MeToo movement was for nothing really.

She is being shunned from her fellow cast members, and most of them have bailed out of interviews with the media for fear of being asked about this problem. She’s all alone in this matter, and it would be easy to forget if the movie didn’t had an 11 year old kid in the cast.

Yes. The young Jacob Trambley is in Predator too, and as a child, he was put in a very vulnerable position by Black and the rest of the men in charge. I hope to God that Striegel hasn’t had the chance go near him while on the set, cause if he did…. So, the outcome of this is a big snub and quick amnesia. Yeah. Shane Black has already snubbed Olivia, and so have the rest of her colleagues and probably in a week or two this whole thing will be forgotten. My bet is that she’ll be the one that will be blacklisted and marked as difficult actress. My bet is that in the eyes of Hollywood, she’s the bad guy. She’s hurting the movie, she’s shined a bad light on the director (as Striegel is his friend) and possibly this scandal will affect the ticket sales, so they’ll probably do everything in their power to discredit her.

Yeah… I get it. She’s the bad guy now. She’s wicked for trying to do the right thing. But this too shall pass, and….. well I guess you can expect my review of The Predator by the end of the week.


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