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Oh hell yes! We Should All Be Mirandas!


You’ve probably seen it. The T-Shirts I mean. Designed by Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless, the masterminds who brought us the Instagram account called “Every Outfit on Sex & the City, -the fashionista duo have more to say about SATC. Or more precisely about one particular character of Sex And The City. Miranda Hobbes.

The $32 “We Should All Be Mirandas” T-Shirt is their latest creation, and one that you can find on their  website. But while for many years prior I identified as Carrie (mostly because our career in journalism and love for fashion), I was secretly in love with Miranda and i still am to this day. Why? It’s easy. While Carrie was the dreamer, Charlotte was the hopeless romantic and sometimes a prude, Samantha was the free-spirited and promiscuous vamp, Miranda was the glue that bonded the 4 friendships together.

And why we should all be Mirandas? Well for starters she was realistic and down to earth about everything. Love, marriage, dating prospects, and life in general, She was also pragmatic and non judgmental, but also supportive and loving towards her friends. She’s the voice of reason in the group and the person that Carrie came to when she has problems of any nature. Miranda was frank, opinionated, honest, straightforward and cynical but that’s why I loved her. She wasn’t the one who put up with BS from anyone. Colleagues, boyfriends or her friends for that matter.

Sure he was sarcastic, not very easy to open up and but that’s because she was cautious and very guarded in her private life. She put up a thick wall around her and it took some effort on everyone’s part to make her to put her guard down.

She was also unapologetically non religious, fiercely independent, self-sufficient and was not afraid to call out the hypocrites around or the double standards that society put on single and successful women like her. She demanded equal support in the household from Steve and equal status in the workplace. And as the seasons of SATC kept coming we saw her much softer and caring side, but I love the fact that she stayed true to her beliefs and accepted to change on her own terms.

So, hell yeah. We should all be Miranda. Sure like every other character on SATC she also had some flaws, but her strengths and qualities outweighed her flaws. Decades after the ending of Sex and the city, she’s still a god damn inspiration for so many feminists out there. Myself included.


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